American Academy of Environmental Medicine
International association of physicians and other professionals practicing and/or knowledgeable about environmental medicine, search for members by state

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation
Dedicated to raising public awareness about multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)

Human Ecology Action League
Concerned about the health effects of environmental exposures

National Center for Environmental Health Strategies
Working to protect the public health and improve the lives of people affected by chemical and environmental exposures

MCS America:  Awarness, Education , Resources, Support 

MCS America: List of Housing for MCS and EHS (Electrical Hyper-Sensitivities)

 MCS Referral & Resources

Professional outreach, patient support and public advocacy devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, accommodation and prevention of MCS, archived material

The EI Wellspring
Practical tips for coping with chemical and electrical hypersensitivity

Planet Thrive
Online health community for people recovering from environmental and other chronic illnesses like Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia, MCS, and mold illness, and others inspired to live a healthier, non-toxic lifestyle

HEAL of Southern Arizona
Member support, educating the public about MCS and the health effects of chemicals

Environmental Health Network of California
Promote public awareness of environmental sensitivities and causative factors, focus on access and developments relating to the environmentally sensitive

North Carolina Chemical Injury Network



CDC Indoor Environmental Quality Policy (see pages 9 – 10.)
Download the Policy

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation Research Bibliography
Selected Bibliography of Studies and Articles on Chemical Sensitivity Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Prepared by the Chemical Sensitivity Foundation

Dr. Ann McCampbell
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is an important introductory booklet. Highly informative, it provides a succinct overview that is easy for a layperson to read and understand. The publication answers questions that include: What is MCS? Who gets MCS? What causes MCS? What are the symptoms of MCS? How is MCS diagnosed and treated? What is the political history of MCS?This booklet can be an invaluable resource for those who have recently become chemically sensitive. It has also proven useful in helping to educate friends, family members, doctors, government agencies, elected officials, and others about MCS. Dr. Ann also includes a section on the political history of MCS, as well references and resources. $5 each. Volume discounts available. To order, click here.

Dr. Ann McCampbell trained in internal medicine and worked in women’s health before she became ill with severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) in 1989. She has been a leading chemical sensitivity and disability advocate for over 20 years. She is Chair of the Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Task of New Mexico and a founding board member of the Chemical Sensitivity Foundation.

Anne Steinemann, PhD
Conducts scientific investigations of causes and consequesnces of exposures to pollutants

More listed resources and Links

Research on the hazards of fragrance chemicals

Pam Gibson, PhD
Author of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, A Survival Guide, research on the life impacts of MCS

Claudia Miller, MD
Co-author of Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes, free download at this site

Doris Rapp, MD
Author of Is This Your Child’s World and many other books about unrecognized allergies and sensitivities in children

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Task Force Brochure
Click to download

Prescriptions for a Healthy House – Book

Understanding & Accommodating People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Independent Living
by Pamela Reed Gibson, Ph.D. & James Madison University



A Million Faces of Environmental Illness

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, MCS, Belgium

The many faces of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities in Canada

MCS Riconoscere la malattia anche in Italia

MCS  Warriors

Support Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /ME, Fibro & Lyme

Understanding MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivity



Safer Travel Directory
Green lodging directory for the Chemically Sensitive

The Natural Place Environmental Residence and Hotel – Florida



The following companies sell products that have helped many chemically
sensitive people, but a listing here is not an endorsement of all their
products, since individual sensitivities vary widely.

Austin Air
Austin Air has the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world. Austin Air’s Healthmate is the air cleaner of choice by leading doctors throughout the United States and many other parts of the world.

Room and car purifiers help people survive in a toxic world.

E. L. Foust Co.
Manufacturing air purifiers designed for people with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), environmental illness, allergies and asthma since 1974. For use in homes, offices, schools, and even in automobiles and RVs!

Janice’s natural comfort selection provides relief to thousands of people with sensitivities and allergies. Products include bedding, apparel, personal care, cleaning, household and laundry, and much more!

Shop Livingreen for products for a healthier lifestyle, including bedding, cleaners, energy/air/water, gifts and kids.

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